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After the experience to understand

Some things only personal experience to understand the truth, and before that has heard the truth is only heard it, and can not play a role.


      Han Han has been published a word; "heard a lot of truth, still too bad this life." Indeed, we have heard a lot of life truth, but we may not be able to use these principles let us better, often listen Even if the matter. Sometimes we have to go through some things, we look back through the traces, to reflect on and sum up, come to their own truth, not just pick up the teeth.


      My father is a person who likes to talk about the truth of life, he likes to tell me about his experience, while telling me some of the truth of life. Just started listening, I was very interested, that he was very exciting. But when the number of repetitions is more and more, I do not like to listen to him that these old things, because I think his experience and I have nothing to do, I can not experience the same thing , And he said the truth I have already heard, simply do not want to continue to listen to him ramble repeated. When I was in a rebellious age, I did not dare to refute my father's truth, but I would not respond more, only to say "Oh", "so ah" so perfunctory sentence, shorten the father's preaching time , My heart kept in the Tucao. The times have changed, a lot of things are changing, so that time I think my father said that those things are out of date, that is white, is wasting my time.


      But when I experienced several setbacks, I really understand his father said the truth. The reason is to listen to the side of thinking to master, in order to be well applied to the actual situation, to reduce obstacles. Just before the experience has not been, heard the truth and will not be clearly surfaced in my mind. Often after the experience, will think of the truth stored in the brain, regret not timely think of it, so that the results are not satisfactory. Personally experienced, hurt, hurt, and will understand the meaning of these principles which can be deeply printed in the mind, is no longer blurred. Later encountered a similar thing will know how to deal with.


      There are many reasons, and even some truth is contradictory, or one-sided. Because in different circumstances, even the same thing, people are from their own point of view, come to the same reason. We have to do, not to distinguish these truths right and wrong, but to figure out what kind of circumstances will come to this reason. If you encounter the same situation in the future, how to deal with, give yourself a good needle, it will not deal with things when the rush. However, many people can do this, most people are generally experienced, summed up the experience and lessons, and then have heard the truth of comparison, and sometimes agree with the truth, and sometimes feel that Summed up something more correctly.


      Truth need to think and practice to really understand, if not before the event to become wise Zhuge Liang, then when a post-Zhuge Liang is also possible, at least after the experience to understand the truth is more real and more profound.

Publicerat klockan 06:59, den 17 april 2017
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