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held a meeting to implement two special responsibilities

On the afternoon of September 18, the meeting on the two responsibilities of implementing the fund for the restoration of yajie farmland and ecological public welfare forest in mayang county was held on the third floor of the county forestry bureau, to standardize and improve the fund management of the fund for the restoration of yajie farmland and ecological public welfare forest, and fully implement the central policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers. County commission for discipline inspection is responsible for the related leadership meeting, county party committee and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, Yi Yong, director of the committee, deputy county magistrate xoceco, director general of the administration of the party group secretary, Liu Enqin, discipline inspection commission of the standing committee easy swallow, team long dragon forever good farming mouth system, the township people's government the mayor, deputy chief executive township government in charge of forestry, middle-level cadres from head and forestry administration took part in the meeting.

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The meeting read out the program of special rectification of the funding for the reforestation and ecological public welfare forests of mayang miao autonomous county in 2018 and the circular on urging the cadres of party members and public officials of the state to voluntarily account for the violation of discipline and law in the funds of forestry benefit to the people.

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Yi yong, a member of the standing committee of the county party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection committee and director of the supervision committee, demanded that the people be the center, regulate and improve the management of funds for ecological welfare subsidies for the return of jiddan farmland to forestry and ecological public welfare, mobilize the masses for publicity and publicize the subsidy funds for the improvement period of jiddan farmland to forestry since 2010 and the grant of funds for ecological public welfare forest since 2009. We need to further regulate the special rectification work of the fund for the restoration of ecological benefits and the restoration of ecological benefits. We should adhere to the tableland rules of "report together, investigate together, report voluntarily, self-investigate and correct", and put them in place. We should make full use of the power of grassroots organizations, seriously organize, coordinate and coordinate, and ensure that the special rectification effect of supplementary funds should be in place, with strong measures, strong shock and awe, and good results. people's satisfaction level should be from low to high, and people's sense of gain should be from little to much.

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