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improve their food safety program

New technology, like whole genome sequencing, is much faster and precise to include or exclude individuals who are ill from a common, ongoing outbreak. But, it still must work in conjunction with the other legs of an outbreak investigation. The interview process, and how well it is done, is critical. Then there’s the traceback and trace forward as the industry looks for key points of convergence and how all these victims and cases relate to each. Finally comes onsite investigations, unless a common source is identified quickly.

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Suslow said this all is extremely complex, and that’s why outbreaks remain a problem. That was illustrated in the spring romaine lettuce outbreak. Even with perfect traceability to identify the problem quickly, there are larger questions that must be faced like: How close should produce farms be to potential contamination sources like a larger cattle feeder operation? What do we do about water? Suslow said the question of water as a means of contamination is going to continue to be an important conversation moving forward.

EU emphasizes on sheep farming and aims to produce premium European lamb using Irish farming. For EU lamb sector, striving for high quality assurance is the key to break out of the competition in international suppliers.

What to Do?

Suslow said this challenge will require some new ways of approaching food safety and traceablity. He said that academia, and parts of the regulatory world, have become so tied to peer-reviewed science on the causes of outbreaks and resulting actions to take, that it can become a crutch for inaction. And, the industry itself needs to place more emphasis on teaching risk analysis on the farm and in the food chain as a core tool for the boots on the ground.

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He added better communication is critical, especially considering the many moving parts of the food chain.

“planning, coordination, communication, and execution is ultimately going to protect the produce industry and our consumers,” he said.

Walmart Betting on Blockchain

In the wake of this year’s Arizona romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak, Walmart and Sam’s Club have asked their leafy green suppliers to trace their products back to the farm using blockchain technology. According the retailers, suppliers are expected to have these systems in place by fall 2019.

Blockchain is a cloud-based traceability system that allows instant, digitized sharing of data in a secure and trusted way. The intention is to provide a means for much faster traceback of the source of an outbreak and, thus, avoid outbreaks like that in Arizona.

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This is another indication the retail industry is taking action that might supersede regulatory authorities when it comes to food safety. Other giant food companies will follow Walmart’s lead in requiring blockchain traceability.

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