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The cold dew is getting cold

After cold dew, no more "autumn freeze", night temperature will be lower, the elderly and children should pay special attention to keep warm. As the saying goes, "white dew does not show the body, cold dew does not show the feet." Remind everybody: cold dew solar term is crossed, should notice sufficient ministry to heat up more, wear warm function good shoe socks, before sleeping still can use hot blisters foot. Full of autumn, remember Tim warm clothing ~

Soak your feet and fill up your kidney every day

After cold dew, the weather will be cooler and cooler, some people appear urinary frequency, fatigue and other symptoms, experts said, traditional Chinese medicine said this is the performance of kidney qi deficiency, so to often give the kidney "boost", that is, tonic kidney qi.

In addition to drinking warm water, soak your feet every night with warm water, and the water does not pass the ankle. The time is controlled within 15 to 30 minutes. Soak your body with slight fever.

After bubble foot, knead to do kidney by the homework, first, sat on the bed, arch, two foot yongquan cave is by starting point, and then holding the calf muscle, outside force to turn slowly, and let his hands holding calf muscle as much as possible, and above the flanging massage outwards, so repeated operation, until the legs feel warm.

Practice "stretch finger work" to improve Yang qi

Many friends are afraid of the cold in winter and are prone to cold feet and feet. Experts say these conditions can be improved if people start practicing "finger exercises" after the cold dew.

The "finger work" is very simple. You can use your thumbs to clip the middle finger out at noon every day and use it a hundred times. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to a hundred. The more, the better. The fingertip of middle finger is the starting point of pericardium meridian, and pericardium meridian is the protective wall of the heart. After cold dew, the human body's qi and blood begin to flow into pericardium meridian. Therefore, the middle finger is often used to promote the circulation of qi and blood and improve the body's ability to resist cold.

Often rub your ears after cold dew


Kidney begins to stimulate the ear, and the ear has a dense reflex zone, which is connected to every organ of the body, so rubbing the ear every morning and night is a good way to keep healthy.

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